Over the decades NWP has been responsible for discovering a wide range of new garden plants including some sub-shrubs, grasses including Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’ and many new perennial plants, such as Dicentra ‘Gold Heart’, Lysimachia ‘Fire Cracker’, Polemonium ‘Heaven Scent’ to name but a few. In recent years we have made available an interesting range of Bergenia, Hesperantha and more currently Geum ‘Pink Petticoats’. Our aim is to continue to offer garden worthy hybrids and are actively trialling Crocosmia, hybridising Lupins as well as one off unusual, or unique perennials. We have a keen eye for the unusual and this is where you would find them!


Nemesia Summer Kisses

An NWP recent introduction

Wonderful soft apple blossom like flowers with lemon throats that have almond-like fragrance. Plants have a cold tolerance given a dry site. 40cm x 40cm.


Penstemon Carillo Red

A pretty and compact variety with long narrow leaves that are green and glossy. Flowers are soft red with a pale throat that bloom for a long period in summer. Suitable for pots and front of perennial borders in a well-drained soil. 60cm x 60cm.


Penstemon Margarita BOP

An unusual Penstemon for sure as the flowers have a unique almost unreal colour combination. Plump cream buds open to flowers of violet and purple with iridescent hues of blue. Foliage consists of thin leaves glaucous green making small clumps that flower in early summer. BOP stands for ‘Bottom of the Porch’ where it was discovered in a nursery in CA. 30cm x 40cm.


Penstemon Summertime Pink

A pretty and compact variety with long narrow leaves that are green and glossy. Flowers are deep pink with a pale throat that bloom for a long period in summer. Suitable for pots and front of perennial borders in a well-drained soil. 60cm x 60cm.


Persicaria Purple Fantasy

A great new foliage plant for shade to full sun given enough moisture. In light shade it produces stunning green triangular leaves strongly marked with rings of silver and copper brown. Can reach 75cm but will respond to strong haircuts and re grow. Dormant in winter. 75cm x 60cm.


Polemonium Heaven Scent

PBR: EU 32295 15/6/12
US Patent: PP20214

An NWP introduction.

A sterile form of ‘Jacobs Ladder’ with leaves that first emerge purple-bronze and then turn bronze-green during the summer. Flowers in grape-like clusters, violet blue in colour.

More resistant to mildew than most types. Great garden plant. 25cm x 25cm.

Senecio Silver Feathers

Senecio niveoaureus Silver Feathers

Astunning architectural plant,fabulous for containers and borders in well-drained soil in full sun. It's a high-altitude plant forming clusters of rosettes with long silver, feather-like leaves. These are tactile and soft to the touch that will die down after severe frosts, but re-sprout in late spring. Mature plants produce tall stems with pendulous large yellow daisy flowers. Hardiness is yet to be determined fully but has succeeded to -8c, dislikes wet soils. 60cm x 60cm (flowers 1m).


Verbascum Caribbean Crush

An NWP introduction.

The second verbascum we have brought to the market, with peachy-orange flowers which vary in intensity. 60cm x 30cm.


Verbascum Pink Petticoats

US Patent: PP15658 P2

An NWP hybrid.

Showy and very cottage garden feel.

Full spikes with large shell pink ruffled edged flowers, that sometimes have a peach look when freshly open. 65cm x 30cm.


Verbascum Primrose Path

An NWP introduction.

Another hybrid that we put into tissue culture.

It has a compact habit and primrose yellow flowers on short stems, arising from felty leaves making a perfect rosette. 50cm x 30cm.


Verbena officinalis var. grandiflora Bampton

What a useful variety to an already popular genus. A purple foliage plant that emerges from a tight crown in spring. Discovered in a private garden in Devon (UK). Airy open habit with tiny lavender-pink flowers that open on long wiry stems. Does well in full sun in well drained soils. 80cm x 60cm.


Veronica Veronique Alba

A delightful compact plant with strong white candles of numerous flower spikes which appear in early summer from small clumps of foliage. Seems to be a mildew resistant, hardy perennial. Often reblooms after deadheading old flowers. 60cm x 45cm.

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