New Plants for 2021

Here at New World Plants we take pride in bringing to the market on a regular basis new plants to the trade. Some of these are important winners and others are great new novelties that are simply a must add on into the catalogue for the next season, knowing there always a chance they could prove to be larger promotional items. We hunt and scour nurseries around the world and exchange material with some of our partners as well as some selective breeding ourselves all resulting in new additions each and every year.


Helleborus niger Snowdrift

This is a spectacular variation on the well-known ‘Christmas Rose’ or niger that is so familiar.

Large saucer-shaped flowers that face outwards, pure white in colour but having delightful inner rays of additional sepals that gradually open varying slightly in size, forming a double bloom.

Dahlia Mountain of Fire

Dahlia Mountain of Fire

A new NWP introduction 2020.

Intense dark foliage (almost dark chocolate in colour) producing numerous flowering stems for a long period. Flowers double but a bright pillar box red in colour that contrast well against its foliage.

Fuchsia magellanica Arauco

Fuchsia magellanica Arauco

A beautiful welcome addition to the compact hardy Fuchsia brigade. Such a pretty plant and ideal for pot work when trimmed back in the early stages of growth. Numerous tiny flowers with white petals stained bright red at the base with a vibrant bluish-purple corolla. Leaves very small cloth each arching stem. Hardy so far to -12 oC 60cm x 70cm.

Senecio Silver Feathers

Senecio niveoaureus Silver Feathers

Astunning architectural plant,fabulous for containers and borders in well-drained soil in full sun. It's a high-altitude plant forming clusters of rosettes with long silver, feather-like leaves. These are tactile and soft to the touch that will die down after severe frosts, but re-sprout in late spring. Mature plants produce tall stems with pendulous large yellow daisy flowers. Hardiness is yet to be determined fully but has succeeded to -8c, dislikes wet soils. 60cm x 60cm (flowers 1m).


Echinacea Red Rocket

An NWP selection raised from a number of seedlings and selected to be a strong clone , fairly compact in habit. Reliable perennial that just gets better each year.

Deep crimson red flowers that have petals that hang down when semi open almost as if to propel the cone upwards ...hence its name. Each flower turns various shades of red to deep pink during its stage of life. Great for pot work. 50cm x 50cm.

Salvia Wine and Roses

Salvia Wine and Roses

An NWP introduction.

This is a very new hybrid we have recently launched that guarantees a spectacular show of flowers. These velvet flowers cover a range of colours from the wine-coloured hoods down to the two-tone shades of red petals.

Very romantic looking plant for pots or sunny borders. 70cm x 60cm.

Salvia Pink Pong

Salvia Pink Pong

An NWP introduction.

What an amazing brand new hybrid that was produced from two other varieties. It is a real flowering machine, strong bold upright stems producing endless rich raspberry pink flowers in summer. 70cm x 55cm.


Salvia Beyond Blue

Patent applied for.

An NWP hybrid.

Another real winner we have selected from the patens spp. This hybrid is so special in having a very compact habit and is self-branching. Leaves are bold & triangular shaped with very large clear ice blue flowers that go on to first frosts.

A great patio plant, that goes dormant in winter and will re generate from a tuber if given a light mulch over for protection. 50 cm x 50cm.

Salvia guaranitica Animo

Salvia Animo

An NWP introduction.

Our latest hybrid which we are very proud of. This is an outstanding colour form with a deep royal blue rack of flowers having an even darker calyx than ‘Amistad’.

Very regal and showy a must to include in most borders or large pots. 1.2m x 90cm.

Salvia Amigo

Salvia Amigo

An NWP introduction.

A brand-new sister to the much-loved ‘Amistad’with a different colour flowers. A towering plant with purple indigo flowers and a dark calyx.

Flowering late summer until first frosts. 1.2m x 90cm

Dahlia Rhubarb and Custard

Dahlia Rhubarb and Custard

An NWP introduction.

A charming companion to the other “fruit flavours”.

Strong green foliage bearing flowering stems of salmon pink flowers with a red eye and a two tone matching collarette.


Dahlia Hawaiian Sunrise

An new NWP introduction.

Dark bronze foliage with waterlily shaped flowers having a warm glow.

A great plant for borders and large pots giving the effect of a tropical theme especially when planted with Cannas or similar foliage accompanying plants.

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