Over the decades NWP has been responsible for discovering a wide range of new garden plants including some sub-shrubs, grasses including Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’ and many new perennial plants, such as Dicentra ‘Gold Heart’, Lysimachia ‘Fire Cracker’, Polemonium ‘Heaven Scent’ to name but a few. In recent years we have made available an interesting range of Bergenia, Hesperantha and more currently Geum ‘Pink Petticoats’. Our aim is to continue to offer garden worthy hybrids and are actively trialling Crocosmia, hybridising Lupins as well as one off unusual, or unique perennials. We have a keen eye for the unusual and this is where you would find them!


Hesperantha Oregon Sunset


Clumps of narrow long leaves that produce coral salmon-red flowers in late summer. A strong stemmed variety that performs well and suitable for cutting. Useful late flowering perennial that enjoys moist soils/ bog gardens. 60cm x 40cm.


Hesperantha Pink Princess


An NWP introduction.

Delightful plant with much larger flowers than others in this group. Shell pink in bud, opening to a soft pale pink. 70cm x 45cm.


Hesperantha Ruth


A new introduction well worth considering as it's the first bicolour flowered form we have seen. Rich deep pink flowers with a beautiful creamy white eye. Autumn flowering from grassy like stems producing narrow clumps. 60cm x 30cm.


Hesperantha Simply Pink


An NWP introduction.

This hybrid has to be an outstanding winner! Flowers are very large in size and a rich shell pink in colour. A great partner for cocc. Major when planted together.


Iberis Masterpiece

PBR: 2012/0137 EU33834
US Patent: PP22280

An NWP hybrid.

The size of flower and more substantial foliage makes this plant stand out from the crowds. Certainly not an alpine variety.

Long season of continuous blooming from April till August and even later.

Large white flowers (pinkish in bud) around 5cm in diameter. 20cm x 30cm.


Iberis Pink Ice

Patent No: PP23854

An NWP hybrid.

This variety brings a new colourbreak, being pink when fully open.

Compact habit ideal for pots or small spaces, evergreen by nature flowering early summer during May till late June. 25cm x 25cm.


Iberis semp. Golden Candy

PBR No: 13438

An NWP introduction.

A gold leaf form of the alpine Iberis. Nice mounds of bright gold foliage that turn paler in full summer and then bronze during winter.

Evergreen with white pinhead cushion flowers in early summer. 20cm x 30cm.


Kniphofia rufa Rasta

This is an unusual ‘poker’ an NWP introduction. A funky specimen that works in association with grasses. Hardy perennial tall flower spikes in summer which are burnt orange to red in bud that open up to a zingy lime green when fully open. 1m x 50cm.


Leptospermum Princess Primanuka

An NWP introduction, a selection made from the late John Purse of a hardier form of the well know bottlebrush. This plant was bred for hardiness and so far has coped with -12 oC , responds to trimming for making a neat rounded bush in the garden. Foliage has a grey look which is then covered in numerous two-toned pink flowers, each having a dark eye. 120cm x 65cm.


Leucanthemum Daisy Chains

An NWP hybrid .

Very pretty compact variety ideal for pot work, forms a tight bushy plant with numerous semi double white flowers with a yellow button centre. The repeat blooming especially when dead headed is a great characteristic of this variety.

Hardy perennial. 35cm x 60cm.


Linaria Dial Park

A new variety of toadflax which is a result of a cross between two species. It is so pretty and unusual. Foliage is greyish green and with spires of flowers that are almost heather pink in colour that bloom for a long time in the summer months. Likes a well-drained position. 100cm x 40cm.


Lupin Purple Emperor

An NWP hybrid.

A thick flower spike emerges from dark green foliage producing an amazing candle of two tone flowers of rich purple and cream.

A regal variety. 90cm x 60cm.

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