This group of plants is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular and fascinating genera, Salvia ‘Amistad’ being the best-selling favourite that we have exclusively introduced! Every year we offer a selection of new hybrids that are often an improvement on older varieties or totally different than what has been seen before. It’s important that we provide a range of colours that have instant appeal to the consumer but also plants that grow well in commerce. In our ever-growing collection there are lots of nice garden plants but often they don't lend themselves to container production and so are subsequently taken out. Keep an eye here for new releases as we are not short of new varieties yet!


Salvia Cool Cream

An NWP introduction.

A beautiful new hybrid with large rich creamy white flowers almost ‘buttermilk' in colour, which compliments our other new hybrids such as ‘Cool Pink’.

Useful for planting in pot combos with other similar pastel coloured varieties. 55cm x 45cm.


Salvia Cool Pink

An NWP introduction.

A superb new hybrid with rich pastel pink flowers that has a creamy white eye in the centre giving it a real charm to the plant.

Useful for planting in pot combos with other similar pastel coloured varieties. 55cm x 45cm.


Salvia Cool Violet

An NWP introduction.

A superb new hybrid with violet purple flowers that appear from nicely marked soft green leaves.

Useful for planting in pot combos with other similar pastel coloured varieties. 55cm x 45cm.


Salvia gregii Hot Lips

An NWP introduction into the UK.

The name could not be more appropriate!

Numerous flowers of white with two large red lobes, changing during the season from pure white to pure red, and even all 3 stages at the same time! 65cm x 45cm


Salvia Icing Sugar

PBR - 2008/1962 EU27290 10/05/2020
US Patent: PP20940 P2

An NWP introduction.

A spectacular Salvia with two-tone flowers of pale and cherry pink, which glisten in the sun.

Proven extremely hardy even in the harshest of winters! 60cm x 60cm.

Salvia Josh

Salvia Josh

An NWP introduction.

Discovered in Australia it is a perennial cross between Salvia darcyi x microphylla. It shows the typical S.darcyi leaf. Flowers are tubular coral-red in colour which appear in early summer to autumn. Needs trimming to maintain vigour and shape. Needs protection from severe frosts by mulching. 1.2m x 90cm.


Salvia Joy

An NWP introduction.

Probably the most attractive Salvia of this group, such pretty two tone pink flowers rich in contrast that is eye catching all summer long, a real joy on its own or in mixed planters. 60cm x 50cm.


Salvia Lalarsha

A less known hybrid that is very pretty in having rich cherry pink flowers that seem to glisten and get your attention. An indispensable hybrid in any collection of greggii hybrids you may want to grow. 60cm x 50cm.


Salvia Lara

An NWP introduction from Australia.

A very pretty hybrid with dark and light salmon pink bi-coloured flowers in the summer. A great plant for pot combos with a pastel colouring which works with so many associated plants. 60cm x 45cm.


Salvia Lavender Dilly Dilly

An NWP introduction from New Zealand.

A cheerful hybrid with noticeably pale green leaves upon which stand sprays of rich lavender colour flowers. Compact habit. 60cm x 50cm.

Salvia x jamensis Lemon Light

Salvia Lemon Light

A recent shrubby introduction which offers a compact free flowering variety around 65cm tall. Flowers are a strong lemon yellow when first appearing from aromatic oval leaves. Makes a good container plant for nursery sales and compliments other colour forms available. 75cm x 60cm.


Salvia Lemon Pie

An NWP introduction.

Rich creamy lemon yellow flowers that fit the name. 50cm x 40cm.

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