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Striving to bring you something new and different

Knowing the importance of having something new to offer, we are constantly on the look out to provide/create new varieties or new selections that offer your clients new market opportunities. It can take several years of trialling and testing new varieties and even longer to produce elite material, free from virus.

For New World Plants it means we are dedicated to searching and working with other breeders/growers to obtain new material for this process and ultimately made available to you. To see the current new introductions listed for this current year please visit the New Plants section of our on-line brochure.

We cannot attempt to make you aware of all such plants under trial and hence why we invite you by appointment to come and visit us, or discuss any specific requirements on the phone. On this site we will endeavour to make you aware of some of those plants, often referred to by a code name in case we intend to protect them of just haven’t decided upon a name yet! If any such plants are of interest please let us know by using the messaging service on our Contacts page.

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